Bijou Theatre

           1624 NE Highway 101   Lincoln City, OR.     541-994-8255          
                  Voted  SMALL BUSINESS OF THE YEAR  2016.

Bijou's 75th Anniversary.

Our 75th ANNIVERSARY party booklet (designed by Nichole Le Sage) for the year of classic film.  June 2nd 2012.


Gang o girls dressed up!  2002

Ida, Jane, Stina, Patti, Jean, Patty, Bev, Betsy

Molly & Betsy at the premier of The Flyboys with Director Rocco DeVilliers and wife.

Clinton Street Cabaret perform Rocky Horror at the Bijou 2011 . photos courtesy of Robert Ison.  and here---->

Thanks to Krista Eddy for the beautiful Wall Of Fame mural naming some of the Bijou to the Future supporters.

Oregon Governor Ted  Kulonoski selling 

Bijou Popcorn!!

 (2005 -ish).

Coupla favorite Bijou employees: 

Melissa & Thomas at a Rocky Horror show.

Tippy Hedren, star of Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" and "Marnie"  and others, graced the Bijou Theatre for a fundraiser for the ROAR FOUNDATION, a big cat sanctuary in California she supports. We played The Birds and she greeted patrons and signed autographs. Very sweet lady.

A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) meets

 every Wednesday to play Trivial Pursuit.