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Elemental takes viewers on a journey with the top experts in the nation to better understand fire. We follow the harrowing escape from Paradise as the town ignited from wind-driven embers and burned within a few hours of the fire’s start. We visit fire labs where researchers torch entire houses to learn why some homes burn and others survive. We learn from Native Americans as they employ fire to benefit nature and increase community safety as they have for thousands of years. We follow researchers who work to understand the effects of climate on forests and the crucial role that natural forests play in storing vast amounts of carbon. Along the way we listen to people who have survived the deadliest fires to underscore the importance of this quest.

Narrator: David Oyelowo

Director: Trip Jennings

Executive Producer: Ralph Bloemers

Producer/Editor: Sara Quinn

Soundtrack: Nick Jaina

Supported by: National Geographic, Patagonia, Film Action Oregon, Evergreen Fund, Meyer Memorial Trust

TRT: 81 minutes

  Director's Statement from Trip Jennings:

“I am deeply committed to changing the national conversation around wildfire.”

My first exposure to wildland fire was when I was a sophomore in college working on a student film nearly 20 years ago. The Biscuit fire burned across half a million acres in Southern Oregon, and we covered the controversy, science and politics at play during and after the fire. The Bush administration proposed the largest timber sale in modern history, and a big fight ensued. A group of scientists led by Daniel Donato published a paper in Science magazine and they were attacked by other professors at their school. Our team grappled with the complex debate around fire and worked with scientists, advocates and local citizens to capture the story.

More than a decade later, the Eagle Creek fire ignited the Columbia River Gorge, a scenic area just a half hour from my home. As the fire burned, legislation was proposed that would allow clearcut logging in the forests after the fire. The community was shocked and angry. People were searching for answers, and I noticed that people were sharing my nearly two-decade-old student film - I was taken aback. Was it possible that little to nothing else was available to communicate this message?

As the rains came and put the fire out, I took to the air with an expert scientist to assess the burn. I created a short film about the fire that has been viewed by hundreds of thousands of people and has influenced the reporting and response.

For the last four years I have dedicated myself to visiting burned landscapes and communities destroyed by fire. I am deeply committed to changing the national conversation around wildfire. I have visited with scientists, investigators and firefighters and they have told me again and again that we can have healthy forests and safe communities, and that we can prepare for and adapt to fire.

“You don’t have to live in a concrete ammo bunker to live with wildfire” - Dr. Jack Cohen


“Elemental beautifully presents the complexity of the wildfire challenges we face and crystalizes our choices going forward - the film is a must see for all Americans living in fire prone landscapes.”

     - Jim Furnish, former Deputy Chief United States Forest Service


“Visually stunning film that presents some of the best thinking on wildfire. If you live in fire country, this film coud help you keep your family safe”

- Senator Jeff Golden, Ashland, Oregon


David Oyelowo - Narrator

David Oyelowo, a multiple Golden Globe, BAFTA, and Emmy nominated actor and producer, is one of Hollywood’s most sought-after talents. Oyelowo recently made his directorial debut with the critically-acclaimed, THE WATER MAN (Netflix).

Previous and upcoming film and television projects include: NIGHTINGALE (HBO), CAPTIVE (Paramount), A UNITED KINGDOM (Fox Searchlight), COME AWAY (Relativity Media), FIVE NIGHTS IN MAINE (FilmRise), FERGUSON RISES (PBS), SOLITARY (BRON), FIRST GEN (Disney+), THE RETURN OF THE ROCKETEER (Disney+), and BASS REEVES (ViacomCBS).

Trip Jennings - Director

Trip founded Balance Media and has worked with National Geographic for over a decade. He was named Adventurer of the Year by Nat Geo after his first project with the organization, an expedition in Papua New Guinea. Since then his films have won dozens of awards around the world and aired on major networks on every continent. Trip focuses on issues that are at a tipping point. He works to educate the public through film including front line communities and decision makers so they can make informed decisions about issues that affect their lives.

Ralph Bloemers - Executive Producer 

For nearly two decades, Ralph has advised community-based conservation groups, recreation clubs and citizens throughout the Pacific Northwest on the conservation of our forests, including burned landscapes. Over the past two years he has investigated the causes of fires, documented wildlife in burned landscapes, volunteered his time to rebuild trails in fire burned areas and spent time in these forests with firefighters, expert scientists and ecologists. Ralph has helped the public, decision makers and students confront the dominant cultural beliefs about fire, and understand the paradoxes that mark our relationship with it.

Sara Quinn - Producer/Editor

With a background in cultural anthropology, Sara brings the slow, intentional approach of ethnography into her storytelling. Sara has been making award-winning films and shorts with Balance Media for 8 years. From documenting community-based fisheries along the Mesoamerican Reef to restoration of native food sovereignty in Maine, Sara has a particular interest in exploring rural environmentalism and the deep connections to peace that come from living from the land. Sara is the editor and producer on the popular PBS Terra show, Weathered.